Author : Sumarni

Tahun :2011

Keyword : standar proses, rencana pelajaran, profesionalisme guru, pembelajaran kontekstual

Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia


This study was carried out at the professional in-service teacher training (PLPG) of elementary school teachers at Tanjungpura University Teacher Education Institution (TEI). This study purposed to examine the implementation of the Ministry of Education Act No.41 2007 in their lesson plans and peer teaching. This case study used document, observation and questionnaires as tool of data collection. The document was the teachers’ lesson plans; the observation was the peer teaching during the training and questionnaire to obtain their perception of the lesson plan.

There are three main findings of this study which concerned with the lesson plans, peer teaching, and teacher perception. The first finding in the lesson plans were indicated that the learning objectives only focus on surface knowledge, monotonous, and did not link to real life situation (contextual). The second finding, the peer teaching of those teachers still focus on teaching rather than learning (particularly in their first teaching performance), and most of those teachers did not link the teaching to good habit in real life. The assessment sheet of the lesson plan and peer teaching used as the criteria. From the questionnaire, it was found that most of the participants believed that they did not fully understand the lesson plan components.

The conclusion of this study are the format of the lesson plan is too rigid and focus on form rather than meaning while their teaching was still teacher centered and did not encourage students to learn more actively. The recommendation of this study are (1) the format of the lesson plan should be simplified, (2) on-going professional development (PD) is essential; this can be done through supervision in teacher forum, (3) dissemination training program, (4) providing a link of in-service teachers and TEI in periodic training.


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